As a label that seeks to highlight the best in melodic, optimistic, electronic forward-looking *pop* music, out first attempt to achive this goal was our download compilation, Botpop vol.1. Filled with exclusive tracks and rarities, it brought together artists from around the UK, US and Europe, in the collective endeavour of making the world a little bit of a better place to live in. Michael Jackson would be proud!


It's a collection to make you dance, laugh, phone a friend, raise a glass, change a fuse, stroke-a-beard or just grin like a Cheshire Cat.

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The Bridal Shop - Cloudkick
The Bridal Shop are one in the line of gorgeous pop exports from Sweden. On Cloudkick: "basking in the tropical aesthetic that has been shining on the Scandinavian nation… the Bridal Shop's own sweetly melancholic take on Balearic indie-pop" Pitchfork.

Katsen - Constellation
If Lily Cole and Bagpuss cross-bred in the machine from 'The Fly' and the resulting human / cat mash-up was let lose on a Korg and a laptop, this is the music it would make!

Arthur and Martha - Ultra-Alliance
Hot on the heals of their Happy Robots debut Autovia: "Music not unlike a British spin on The Postal Service, or Aphex Twin remixing the contents of NME's seminal 'C86' tape. It's lovely stuff and more than worthy of your time" NME

Mike In Mono - Promare
Mike in Mono has been the solo project of Mike Johnston (Plone, ZX Spectrum Orchestra, Modified Toy Orchestra) since 1995. Promare sounds like the theme to Jet Set Willy 2, had it been written by Chicory Tip and Tomita!

Compute - A Matter of Patience
Compute is Ulrika Mild, her computer, a drum-machine, a synthesizer and a whole lot of love. Ulrika is from Gothenburg. This song doesn't require much patience; it is 2 minutes 25 seconds of unbounded melodic electronic joy.

Television Keeps Us Apart - You Know Me By Reputation
Swedish act who signed with Series Two Records. This cut is moody and blissful, edgy and innocent, somewhere between early Depeche Mode and the theme to Pigeon Street

DJ Downfall - To Bring You Joy
Like Daft Punk soundtracking a Fritz Lang directed version of The Bacchae. The Guardian described DJ Downfall as "perennially underrated" and who are we to disagree.

Monster Bobby - Say Fuck Me
Normally we at Happy Robots don't approve of swearing, but when it's as eloquently put, as here by Pipette svengali, Robert William Barry (aka Monster Bobby) we're not going to complain. Although we won't play it to our kids.

Jupiter - Rollergirl
From Paris France rather than the largest of our neighbouring celestial gas giants, Jupiter make music that make us want to sweat and, if we weren't robots, we would!

Hong Kong In The 60's - Meet At Vincent Sq.
London pop band consisting of two library assistants and an engineer; their music combines analog synths, delicate vocals and subtle rhythms to soundtrack punting down the Thames on a blissful summer day, sipping from a glass of Pimms.

Elika - Let Down
If Madonna ditched Timbaland in favour of Philip Glass and My Bloody Valentine we imagine she would come out with something akin the music made by Brooklyn based Elika.

The Coal Daughters - 'Panzerkrieg'
Even we aren't sure who the Coal Daughters are. We can't think of a better way to close our first comp than this instrumental. It's tense, it's uplifting. It's whatever you want it to be. If Ridley Scott decides to re-cut Blade Runner in 2050, this track will be on it.



 "This lovely compilation speaks much of the innocence and melancholy that props up perfect pop."

The Guardian


"Botpop is a success – in that what unites every song here is not just the electronics – but the quality."


"Music for robots to dance to, distributed by a tiny British label that aims to take optimistic, electronic songs to the masses."

The Guardian

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