Various: Botpop #1


As a label that seeks to highlight the best in melodic, optimistic, electronic forward-looking *pop* music, out first attempt to achive this goal was our download compilation, Botpop vol.1. Filled with exclusive tracks and rarities, it brought together artists from around the UK, US and Europe, in the collective endeavour of making the world a little bit of a better place to live in. Michael Jackson would be proud! It's a collection to make you dance, laugh, phone a friend, raise a glass, change a fuse, stroke-a-beard or just grin like a Cheshire Cat.


Tracklist: The Bridal Shop - Cloudkick | Katsen - Constellation | Arthur and Martha - Ultra-Alliance | Mike In Mono - Promare | Compute - A Matter of Patience | Television Keeps Us Apart - You Know Me By Reputation | DJ Downfall - To Bring You Joy | Monster Bobby - Say Fuck Me | Jupiter - Rollergirl | Hong Kong In The 60's - Meet At Vincent Sq. | Elika - Let Down | The Coal Daughters - Panzerkrieg




"This lovely compilation speaks much of the innocence and melancholy that props up perfect pop."

The Guardian


"Botpop is a success – in that what unites every song here is not just the electronics – but the quality" SoundsXP

"Indietronic pop treats" Robot V Dinosaur

"If you like unashamedly poppy, clean, upbeat electronica then you’ll probably be in heaven with this compilation" Is This Music