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Alice Hubble New Single and Remixes

Alice Hubble has a new single out on 27th November which is 'We Are Still Alone' it will be the final single to be taken from the 'Polarlichter' album.

The single features 4 new remixes. The first to drop on Friday 13 November is a dark, dystopian re-working from the brillaint Pye Corner Audio, known to many for his work with Ghost Box records and on movie soundtracks such as the HyperNormalisation documentary. The single also features two more workings of the title track from Happy Robots' very own Roman Angelos and a re-working of Polarlichter (still by ADRA).

You can pre-save the single via the Smart URL <a href=>Smart URL</a> 

And watch the video on <a href=>You Tube</a> 

Mood Taeg: Debut Album Exophora Out in stores

‘Exophora’ the debut LP by Mood Taeg is out now both digitally and in stores. The album has had some great feedback. Thanks to everyone that wrote about it and bought a copy. You can still buy the blue vinyl LP in our store.

“This album could be the beginning of an promising career for Mood Taeg. We look on with interest”
Mr Olivetti @ Freq

“‘Exophora’ will satisfy the ears and minds of many kosmische enthusiasts, sitting nicely not far from the most recent Fujya & Miyagi”
Chi Ming-Lai @ The Electricity Club
Full Review:

“The whole LP is so laid back it’s horizontal and is a welcome antidote to these strange and fast moving times”
Ioan Humphries @ Joyzine
Full Review:

“Exophora is a thrilling album of extended metronomic compositions that are both indebted to their influences and crushingly contemporary at the same time”
Arvin Kashyap @ Spill Magazine
Review & Premiere:

“Digital recording techniques meet with analogue synths to produce results that are at once experimental and bewitchingly accessible.”
Mark Whitby @ Unwashed Territories Blog

“Mood Taeg have generated some topnotch Teutonica here”
Rupert Bottenberg @ PAM M360

“Exploring, with fresh and genuine authenticity, the simple mystery of a timeless sound, always the same, yet always different”
Fabrizio Lusso @ White Light / White Heat


The Dorf

Manic Pop Thrills

BOT TV New Online TV Show from Happy Robots

We hope you are all staying safe and well during the pandemic. Our thoughts are with those who have been personally affected by Covid-19, not least with their metal well-being during these troubling times.

Without gigs to promote we've done some tidying up on our YouTube page, and if you follow us on social media you have have caught one of the two BOT TV live streaming shows that we ran.

Episode One: The Video Show, saw us streaming some of our favourite Happy Robots videos including tracks by Rodney Cromwell, Sinosa and Tiny Magnetic Pets.

Episode Two: The Live Show, saw label boss Adam interviewing Mood Taeg, Alice Hubble and Roman Angelos with exclusive videos and a performance of US The Price is Right theme by Roman.

You can catch up with both of these shows over on our YouTube (and don't forget to subscribe while you are there)

Mood Taeg: Album releases digitally

‘Exophora’ the debut LP by Mood Taeg is out now digitally; the album is available digitally via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Beatport and all other major digital platforms distributed by Cargo Records.

Unfortunately because of the current disruption to supply chains, the physical LP will be delayed reaching stores. But if you order from our online store or our Bandcamp you should receive your LP in advance of the official physical release date.

This album is one for all lovers of lush electronic kosmische musik. If you enjoy the motorik drumming of Jaki Liebezeit and Klaus Dinger, the melodic sensibilities of Neu! and Kraftwerk, or the experimentation of Can, Cluster and Harmonia then you should love this record.

It has already received some great reviews, not least from Prog Magazine and Electronic Sound Magazine, plus it's had some great radio play including Happy Robots' first spin on BBC Scotland.

Hear the track ‘Corpora’ and read the first review over on the Joyzine blog: “it’s blissed out electronica…a gentle throbbing beat which manages to creep under one’s skin after the very first listen.”

Listen to the track on our Soundcloud

The album ‘Exophora’ will be released on Happy Robots in May on coloured 12” vinyl and all digital platforms.

Mood Taeg: New to Happy Robots

Mood Taeg from Dusseldorf & Shanghai are the latest act to join Happy Robots.

Roman Angelos: Spacetronic Lunchbox Out Now

Out now on Happy Robots ‘Spacetronic Lunchbox’ by New York’s Roman Angelos. It’s an album of joyful escapism and perhaps just what the world needs right now; filled with bursts of sonic nostalgia and uplifting melodies, blending early electronica, exotica, muzak and video game music.

Boasting 11 songs in 11 minutes it is both our shortest album and the rarest record we have ever released; pressed onto gorgeous handmade lathe-cut clear vinyl 12” of just 30 copies! The physical release is only available in the Botshop or the Bandcamp and we have just a few copies still available to order.

You can stream and order the digital release via Spotify, Beatport, Amazon and other digital platforms via the smart link today.

​Unfortunately, because of real world matters, we haven’t been able to promote this record as diligently as we have previous releases. That isn’t to say it hasn’t had some nice coverage though; our thanks go out to some of our most faithful supporters including Electronic Sound Magazine, The Electricity Club , Dandelion Radio, Byte FM, Resonance FM, Bob Fischer on BBC Tees and all the other influencers that have supported this release.

Roman Angelos: new to Happy Robots

We are thrilled to announce that the next release on Happy Robots Records is ‘Spacetronic Lunchbox’ by New York’s Roman Angelos