The debut single - very limited promo CD. 



1. Goddess
2. Lake Louise
3. Goddess (Mood Taeg Remix)
4. Goddess (Bricolotheque Remix) 
5. Goddess (Luke Mawdsley Remix) 

Alice Hubble: Goddess (Bot15)

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    • Ltd edition promo CD, in plastic wallet



    Alice Hubble is the new solo project of Alice Hubley (Mass Datura, Cosines, Arthur and Martha), and the product of one lady locked at home with her collection of synthesisers.

    Goddess is taken from Alice’s forthcoming album ‘Polarlichter’ which was recorded at her home in north London using her vast array of analogue sythesisers. The recordings were completed and mixed at Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate (whose clients include Metronomy, Stealing Sheep, Girl Ray) and was co- produced by Mikey Collins (Allo Darlin). Having recently supported Damo Suzuki she will be playing a number of shows in support of its release.

    Says Alice on the song: “Goddess is a song about the male gaze; about a man idolising a woman to the point that he doesn’t see her as a person. His ‘love’ is all consuming and the focus of his affection is seen merely as an object. As a result he consumes her and takes from her until she has little left, but thankfully she finds the inner strength to walk away.”

    Despite its themes Goddess is a pure pop-song sugar-coated with layers of Korg and Juno synth. Its musical inspirations were by ‘Boy’ by The Book of Love, ‘Plainsong’ by The Cure and ‘Of All The Things We’ve Made’ by OMD.”

    Also on this EP are Alice’s baroque instrumental Lake Louise and three remixes of the lead track; the first is an epic Can / Neu! krautrock re-imagining by Berlin / Japan based Mood Taeg, the second is an ambient darkwave interpretation by London’sBricolotheque and the final version is a lush, symphonic evolution of the track by neo-classical composer Luke Mawdsley from the band Mésange.


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