Rodney Cromwell's first appearance was back in 2002 on this Tribute To The Lord of The Rings album. Rodney's track is Radaghast The Brown.


Includes tracks by The Telescopes, Og's Bunkadoo Band, Dreams of tall building and more. 

1   Dreams Of Tall Buildings    Line 36, Pg?    
2   The Telescopes    Second Darkness    
3   Solway Firth    Give My Regards To Aragorn    
4   Owen Tromans    Mr. Butterbur's Lantern    
5   Baragon Flag    "There Was An Eye In The Dark Tower That Did Not Sleep"    
6    Lash Frenzy    Helm's Deep    
7    Og's Bunkadoo Band    The Reckoning Of Boromir    
8    KlusterB    The Search For Ent-Wives In The Land That Is Now Brown And Barren    
9    Simon Fox    The Great War    
10   Dept Noise X Terror    Precious    
11   Reavers    Forbidden Views And Pools    
12   Rodney Cromwell    Radagast The Brown    
13   J Foundation    Wraithryders

Various Artists: Journey's Without Maps (includes Rodney Cromwell)

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