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'Corpora / Konkord' is the new double A side single by Düsseldorf and Shanghai based Mood Taeg. Released digitally and via super limited edition lathe cut, this record is a bridge between 2020's album 'Exophoa' and their new album to be released in on Happy Robots in 2021.

Mood Taeg (pronounced mood tag) is a Scottish / German musical project split between Düsseldorf and Shanghai. Mood Taeg create music that incorporates the motorik drumming of Klaus Dinger and Jaki Liebezeit; the melodic sensibilities of Neu! and Kraftwerk; and the experimentation of Can, Cluster and Harmonia to produce instrumental compositions that are contemporary and, at the same time, fit exactly within the lineage of their influences.

Mood Taeg see their music as uncompromising but totally accessible. They don’t believe the form dictates the art. For them, the art dictates the form. Thus, songs can be 10 minutes long with passages built on motorik grooves punctuated with vocal samples featuring anything from the poetry of Christopher Logue to the writings of Oliver Sachs.

On this new single the band add extra elements to their sonic pallet. The A side, ‘Corpora’ (to many the stand out track on the debut LP) has been tightly edited with ethereal electronics at the forefront, creating a soundscape that is as much dreampop as it is krautrock. On Konkord, spoken word vocals in a idiosyncratic Scottish accent add a melancholic lo-fi indie-rock element, akin to Glasgow’s Arab Strap.

Mood Taeg record all of their music at their home studio, Lowell’s Garden. They are also part of the wider Mood Taeg kollektiv which includes musicians, graffiti artists, DJs, photographers, painters, and video artists.


"Seductive..reveals more of itself with every play" Prog Magazine

"Replicates the singular emotional experience of Neu!'s accelerated heartbeat pulse and the satisfaction found in the subtlety of Cluster"
Electronic Sound Magazine

"Exophora is a thrilling album of extended metronomic compositions that are both indebted to their influences and crushingly contemporary at the same time" Spill Magazine

Mood Taeg: Corpora / Konkord (Lathe Cut)

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