'Classic' debut album from Reading's Saloon. Released in 2002. Voted one o the albums of the year by the Sunday Times. Includes the John Peel Festive 50 no.1 smash 'Girls Are The New Boys'. We have a small number of each US (Darla) and UK (Track and Field) versions. 


Sleeve design by Andrew Prinz from Mahogany who produced the album. Alternative design from the LP version. Both UK and US versions have slightly different sleeves and finishes (US version darker colours)


Plastic Surgery    4:41
Bicycle Thieves    5:21
Le Weekend    5:05
Make It Soft    5:19
Static    5:00
Girls Are The New Boys    6:16
2500 Walden Ave.    5:26
Across The Great Divide    5:38
My Everyday Silver Is Plastic    5:56
Victor Safronov    5:33

Saloon: (This is) What We Call Progress (CD Album UK or US edition)

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