A pretty awfully bad album of Pavement cover versions (except Spearmint who felt too highly of themseves to actually record a cover version). This is the only place you can find Saloon's version of 'Shoot The Singer' which was a half-decent stab and the only cover version we ever put to tape. Steven Malkimus by all accounts described our version as 'the one with the girl'.  Does include the Tindersticks version of Here and Quickspace are on it, so it could be worse.


1-1   Spearmint    This Is A Souvenir Written-By – Spearmint
1-2    Solex    Shady Lane    
1-3    Yuppie Flu    Give It A Day    
1-4    Bardo Pond    Home    
1-5    Number One Cup    Here    
1-6    Comet Gain    Ann Don't Cry    
1-7    Lenola    Kennel District    
1-8    Appendix Out    Frontwards    
1-9    Quickspace    We Are Underused    
1-10   Saloon    Shoot The Singer (1 Sick Verse)    
1-11   Sparesnare*    Dancing With The Elders    
1-12   Fonda 500    Box Elder    
1-13   Micevice    Feed Them To The Lions (Linden)    
1-14   C-Kid    In The Mouth A Desert    
1-15   Julie's Haircut    Summer Babe    
1-16   Scream C Baby*    Unfair    
1-17   El Goodo    Trigger Cut    
1-18  Kicker    Father To A Sister Of Thought    
2-1    Fuck    Heaven Is A Truck    
2-2    Tindersticks    Here    
2-3    Garlic    Gold Soundz    
2-4    Future Pilot AKA* Vs Colditz    Range Life    
2-5    Trumans Water    Forklift    
2-6    Boxstep    Stop Breathin    
2-7    Silkworm    And Then...    
2-8    John Wayne Shot Me    I Love Perth    
2-9    Airport Girl    Cut Your Hair    
2-10    Magoo    Perfume-V    
2-11    Tyde*    Perfect Depth    
2-12    Panty Lions    Baby Yeah    
2-13    Oranger    Winner Of The    
2-14    Perturbazione    We Dance    
2-15    Tiger Wood    Elevate Me Later    
2-16    Bernhard & Bianca    Gangsters And Pranksters    
2-17    Lunchbox    Here    
2-18    Fivehead    Circa 1762 

Various Artists: A Tribute To Pavement (Includes Saloon)

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