Darla Records compilation - features Saloon's 'Free Fall' as the opening track! I Loads of other bands including Figurine who went on to be The Postal Service. Full track listing below.


1    Saloon    Free Fall    3:36
2    The Sinking Ships    You Can't Push Me Away    2:19
3    The Snitches    Right Before My Eyes    2:56
4    Crispy Ambulance    Loupgarou    3:15
5    Pfeuti    Surgeon's Daughter    6:24
6    Ludus    Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go    3:16
7    Mus    Al Debalu    4:06
8    My Morning Jacket    Bermuda Highway (Live At KVRX)    3:30
9    Lowlights    Lowlights (4-Track Demo Version)    5:59
10    Je Suis France    California Rules    3:16
11    The Photon Band*    Dreamin    3:07
12    The Stockholm Monsters*    Terror    2:53
13    Sprites    Following Her Around    3:23
14    Figurine    My First UFO (Left Here Remix)
15    Boyracer    The Warmest Hours    1:19
16    Sweet Trip    Chocolate Matters (Lo Fi Mono Edit)    2:32
17    Super Madrigal Brothers    Pastime With Good Company    1:19
18    Dances With Wolves    Thirty    2:52
19    Cath Carroll    Moves Like You    6:38
20    Color Filter    Shikisai No Mabataki (A Color's Blink)    6:56


Various Artists: Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol.19 (includes Saloon)

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