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Happy Robots    +44 (0)7775 670992     Distribution by  Cargo Records

Memory Box Campaign

'Memory Box' album released 18/03/22

Singles in Campaign

'Memory Box' (Bot29) 27/10/2021

'Memory Box' Remixes (Bot29b) 17 /11/21

'Get Me To Prague [non album single]  (Bot31) 15/12/21

'Opus Three (Bot34) 03/02/22

'The Winter Palace' (Bot36) 10/11/22

'Cold Christmas' (Bot38) 09/12/22

PR (digital + radio) Shameless Promotion PR (Bot29-34)

PR (Digital) A Badge of Friendship (Bot36)

PR (print) Happy Robots

Known Incoming

New Single 'Exercise Class' (Spring - Summer 2023)


Pennyblack Music (Interview confirmed with John Clarkson, Editor)


Campaign Highlights 

End of Year Acclaim

Electronic Sound Magazine (Albums of The Year no.36

Electronic Café  (Albums of The Year no.8)

Electricity (The Winter Palace Listed in Songs of 2022)

Trust The Wizards Podcast (Albums Of The Year no.10)

Mobile Musician Magazine (End of Year Review Podcast)

BBC Radio 6 Music, Gideon Coe (Multiple play of all three singles in campaign)

Bandcamp (LP featured on front page in New and Notable)

Electronic Sound (Four Page Feature, name on cover)

Electronic Sound (Print Review)

Electronic Sound (Live Session)

Electricity (Review & Interview)  

Electronic Café (YouTube Interview 3.5k subscribers)

The Big Takeover (Print Review)

Mobile Musician (Print Review Interview / Cover - March issue)

Shindig! (Print Review - LP Rated 4/5)

Hi-Fi World (Print Review)

Blitzed Magazine (Print Review)

The Arts Desk (Review)

Dandelion Radio, 'Memory Box' in Annual Festive 50 2021 (no.25)

The London Ear, RTE2XM (Interview with Nessymon) (Premiere)

Mike in Tokyo (Syndicated show on national stations, Finland, HK, Russia) Multiple inclusion

XS Noise (Album Review) (9/10)

Louder Than War (Feature)

Magic RPM, France (Playlisting)

Ads In


Shindig! (March & May)

Electronic Sound Magazine (March)

Mobile Musician Magazine (March)

The Big Takeover (Summer 2022)

Memory Box (LP)


The Arts Desk (Review) | Beatburguer (Spain) (Feature) | The Big Takeover (Online Review) | The Big Takeover (Print Review) | Bliss Aquamarine (Review) | Blitzed Magazine (Print Review) (Interview Preview) | Dancing About Architecture (Review) | (Review) | Electricity (Interview) | Electronic Cafe (YouTube Review) (You Tube Interview) | Freq Blog (Review) | Heaven is an incubator blog (News) | Hi-Fi World Magazine (Print Review) | The Letter (Review) | Louder Than War (Feature) | Mobile Musician Magazine (Review Interview / Cover - March issue) | The Manc Review (Album of the Week) | Ring Master Review (Review) | Sound Read Six (Review) | Terrascope (Review) | The Record Stache (Premiere) |  Shindig! (Print Review) (4/5) | The Swindonian (Review) | Synthbeat (Interview) | Weathered Music (News) | XS Noise (Album Review) (9/10)

Cold Christmas (Non Album Single)


Dancing About Architecture (Feature) | Disco Goth (Playlisting) | Electrozombies (Feature & Playlisting) | Green Banana (Feature) | Tonspion (Feature & Playlisting) 

The Winter Palace (Third Single)

Analogue Trash (Interview) | Backseat Mafia (Premiere) | Electricity (Video Premiere) | Electrozombies (Feature) | Fresh On The Net (Playlisting) | O.F.I. Monday, Web Radio (Interview) | Popmuzik (Feature) | The Vinyl District (Feature)


Opus Three (Second Single)

Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6 Music 'Opus Three' extended mix | Amplify Music Magazine (Premiere) | Beat On The Street (Video Feature) | El Santo Del Rock (News) | Glam Magazine (Review) | God Is In The TV (Feature) | The Letter (Review) |  Manc Review, Single of the Day (Review) | Music Eternal (News) | Nyrdcast (News​) | Popular Culture Beat (Feature) | Pop Art Ave (Interview) | ReGen Magazine (Video Premiere) | RockNRoll (Feature) | Selection Sorties (News) | Soundreadsix (Review) | Stereo Embers (Review) | The Swindonian (Review) | Synthbeat (Interview) | The Big Takeover (Review) | Turn Up The Volume (Review) | Whisperin and a Hollerin (Review) | You haven't heard this music (Podcast Appearance

Get Me To Prague (Non album single)


Gideon, Coe, BBC 6 Music ‘Get Me To Prague’ (Multiple play) | Beehive Candy (News) | (Feature) | Last Day Deaf (Review) | Rob Harvey, Phoenix FM | Radio Dark Train


Memory Box (single)

Blogs / Press (Premiere) | Boston Bastard Brigade (Feature) | The Big Takeover (News) |  Selection Sorties (News) | Kool Rock Radio Blog (News) | Amplify Music Magazine (News) | Volatile Weekly (News) | El Santo del Rock (News) | Selection Sorties (News) | Exhimusic (News) | The Letter (News) | Weathered Music (News) | Ooberus Oblivious Blog (News) | A better way of life, Graham Coath (Video Interview) | Sound Kharma, (Video Feature) | The Manc Review, Single Of The Week (Review) | Records I Like (Review) | Analogue Trash (Review) | Ringmaster Review (Review) | Dancing About Architecture (Review) | The Swindonian (Review) |

Other Features

Big Satsuma Radio (Interview discussion about Section 25) | In Common (Live Review) | David Rose Gig Diaries (Live Review) | The Electricity Club (Live Review) | God Is In The TV (Industry Interview) | The Rock Club (Albums of 2021)

Known Radio


BBC 6 Music, Gideon Coe (UK) Multiple Plays | Dandelion Radio, Festive 50 no.25. Plays daily throughout January (UK) | 

 The London Ear, RTE2XM (Interview with NessymonAmazing Radio (UK + US) Rotation | Radio Helsinki, Color Red Radio Show (FI) | Rob Harvey, PhoenixFM (UK) Multiple Plays | Stuart McHugh, Regal Radio (UK) Playlisted | Postcards from the underground, Cumbernauld FM 106.8 (UK) Playlisted | NCCR Radio, Chris Watts (UK) | ByteFM, Sendungen, Sandra Zettpunkt (Germany) Playlisted | ByteFM Offbeat (Germany) Playlisted | RadioFRBI 96.2MHz (Germany) Playlisted | Kate Bosworth, Dark Train, Warminster Community Radio (UK) Playlisted | KXCI, Ian Davis (USA) Playlisted | Radio Phoenix Indie (Playlisted) | Radio Coolio (Web) Playlisting of A&B sides | Odyssey Radio (Web) Rotation | Belter Radio (Web) Playlisted | 2XS (Web) Rotation Playlisted | CBJ Radio (Web) Playlisted | Wrinkly Rockers Club, Track of the Day (Web) Playlisted | | Good Music Radio (Web) Rotation | Mad Wasp Radio (Web) Playlisted | Mobile Music (Podcast) | Kool Rock Radio (Web) News Feature + Playlisted | WLOY Radio (US) Playlisted | Indie Pop Vides (Podcast) | Unpop (Podcast) Playlisting |  NOSW (Podcast) | Dandelion Radio, Gareth Jones (Web) | Dandelion Radio, Mark Whitby (Web) | Banks Radio (Australia) | Life Elsewhere Music, Norman B (Podcast) | Synthentral (Podcast) | Formula Indie, European Indie Music Network (Podcast) | College Underground Radio Network (Web) Playlisted | What the Music (Podcast) | WLOY Radio (USA) | CFRU93.3FM (USA)

Radio Highlights







Paste Magazine (Premiere) | Electronic Sound Magazine (Cover CD) | We Are Cult (Premiere) | The Electricity Club Feature | Noise Journal Artist of the Week | The Electricity Club InterviewThe Big Takeover Premiere Analogue Trash Blog InterviewFreq Live Review | Last Day Deaf  InterviewStereo Embers Track of the Day 


Louder Than War Review | Impose Magazine Review | The Electricity Club Review | Dancing About Architecture Review | Almost Predictable Almost Review | Rockportal Review | The Swindonian Review | Floorshime Zipper Boots Review | Book of Lies Review


JammerzineBroadway Music World PreviewExhiMusic Preview | Impose Magazine | Terrarelicta | Escafandrista Musical  | Zone Nights | Basildon + Southend Echo (Live Preview) | El Santo Del Rock | Tribe4MiansBlog |  Pete's Rock News | Broadway World Preview | La Voz Telúrica | Last Day Deaf | Amplify (Video Preview)

National Radio

Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music, UK | Gideon Coe , BBC 6 Music UK | Jon Hillcock, BBC 6 Music | Juilio Ruiz, Radio3 RNE, Spain


The  Electricity Club Songs of the Decade Feature | The Electricity Club TEC CD Compilation | Spotify Playlisting of Alice Hubble Remix

Rodney's English Disco 7_.jpg







End of Year Lists

The Record Stache Synthpop Records of the Year (Fax Message Beakup EP No.5) | Almost Predictable, Almost Best Music Things’ (Fax Message Beakup EP No.7) |  Tomatrax ‘Top100 Songs Of 2016’ (Fax Message Breakup’ at No.9) | Darksynthradio Top 30 of 2016 (Fax Message Breakup, No.10) | The Letter Favourite Tracks of 2016 (Fax Message Breakup No.56) | NBTMusicRadio Top songs of 2016 (Cassiopeia,The Leaf Library Remix No.94) | Rusty Egan Best of 2016 pt.1 (Featured Cassiopeia) | Rusty Egan Best of 2016 pt.2 (Featured Rodney Cromwell's Meter Bridge remix) | The Electricity Club Contributor Stephen Roper (Baby Robot, Best Song 2016) | You, the night and the music Best of 2016 (included Fax Message Breakup) | In The Moog Radio Show NCCR, New Year Special (included Black Dog) | Impose Magazine Year in Pop (featured Rodney Cromwell)  | Artefaktor Radio Top 40 Most Aired Tracks of 2016 (Fax Message Breakup No.27)


Almost Predictable, Almost | Caliper Music | Drunk on Music | Essentially PopGod is in the TV (Premiere) | Louder Than WarLiverpool Sound and Vision | Merchants of AirOverblown (Premiere) | Noise Journal | System Failure | Synthpoplover | Whisperin and HollerinZone Nights 


AXS | Indievotion | Jammerzine | Kurrent Music | Moonblogs | Poplacara | Power of Pop (Listening Booth) | The Concert in Concert The Planet of Sound | The Musical Box 

Live Reviews

Evensi UK | Jammerzine |  Mi Rollo Es El Indie Paperblog The Organ





Electronic Sound Magazine (Pulse) | Electronic Sound Magazine (60 Seconds) | The Electricity Club (Feature) | The Electricity Club (Introducing) | The Huffington Post (Interview) | De Kettingzaag (News Item) | The Planet of Sound (Top 20 Playlist) | NME (Pulse Feature)


Almost Predictable, Almost | Jammerzine | Music in Time | Offbeat Music | Planet of Sound | The Electricity Club (2016 Panel Review) | The Electricity Club (Synth Trumps) | The Electricity Club (with Arthur & Martha) | The Record Stache | Revista the 13th (on David Bowie) | The Revue | The Sound of Confusion | Tomatrax


Live reviews

DEF SynthDe Kettingzaag: Burn down the discoDSO AudioRaodaozao.netThe Electricity ClubTrust the wizards (Podcast)


Other mentions

Bliss Aquamarine (Die Katapult Review) | Electronic Sound Magazine (Synthwave Compilation Review) | Impose Magazine (Morgane L'hote of Stereolab / Hologram Teen, Week in Music) | Indie Music Mag (Synthwave Compilation Review) | Music in Time (Ummagma Interview) | Paul Rigby Audiophile (Synthwave Compilation Review) | Record Collector (Synthwave Compilation Review) | Synth Nu (Interview with Chi Ming Lai in Swedish) | The Electricity Club  (Interview with Chi Ming Lai)  |  The Electricity Club (Synthpop Discussion Article) | The Electricity Club (Interview with BOO)


33rpmPVC Almost Predictable AlmostAudiophile ManBeehive Candy Bliss AquamarineEscafandrista MusicalGig SoupHeadphonaught Jammerzine J-Musind De Kettingzaag Local Music SceneLouder Than War (1)Louder Than War (2) Mia on the Move Neon NettleThe Record StacheSide LineSounds XPTomatraxTomTom RockXS Noize You the night and the music


A world of music and madnessAXSBroadway world Choice RadioThe Concert in Concert Essentially PopEverything is chemical Floorshime Zipper Boots |The Music News Site Planet of Sound The Third CoastYour music news Zone Nights 

End of year lists

The Electricity Club Most Promising New Act (Chi Ming Lai & Ian Ferguson) |  The Record Stache Synthpop Records of 2015 (Age of Anxiety, No1) |  Yeah I know It Sucks Best Albums of 2015, Graham Boosey  (Age of Anxiety, No1) | Stereo Embers Top 20 Albums of 2015, Matt Sloan (Age of Anxiety, No.4) | Stereo Embers Top 20 Songs of 2015 (Black Dog, No.4) |  Music Existence Top 10 Indie Rock (Age of Anxiety, No.5) | Almost Predictable Almost Top 20 (Age of Anxiety, No 6) | De Kettingzaag Top 10 2015, Contributor: Frank (Age of Anxiety, No.7) | Escafandrista-Musical EP's of 2015 (Black Dog, No.10) | Pansentient League Top 20 Synthpop (Age of Anxiety, No.12) | Tomatrax Top 20 Albums (Age of Anxiety, No.14) | Pop-O-Matic Albums of 2015 (Age of Anxiety, No.15) | El Planeta Amarillo International Albums 2015 (Age of Anxiety, No.15) | Escafandrista-Musical Albums of 2015 (Age of Anxiety, No.16) | El Planeta Amarillo International Best Songs (Barry was an arms dealer, No.20) | In Memory of John Peel Festive 51 (Barry was an arms dealer, No20) | Tomatrax Top Songs of 2015 (Barry was an arms dealer, No.27) | Electronic Sound Magazine Albums of the Year (Age of Anxiety, No.30) | De Kettingzaag Another List of the year (Includes Age of Anxiety), Quasar Radio Albums of the Year (Includes Age of Anxiety) | Weird Gear Ship Full of Bombs Radio, Top 5 2015 Albums (Includes Age of Anxiety) | We Can Utopia Blog Albums of the year (Cites Age of Anxiety) | Stereo Embers Top 20 Remixes of 2015 | Matt Sloan (Includes Meter Bridge Remix) | The Electricity Club 30 songs of 2015 (Includes Black Dog) | Dandelion Radio, Official Festive 50 (Barry was an arms dealer, No.35)

End of year playlists 2015

DJ Mikey of Strangeways Radio | Éclectique Radio Show | Electronic Transmissions | Made in the UK Radio Show | Meter Bridge | Planet of Sound | Uncle Peanut | You the night and the music




National and DAB

Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music, UK) (Multiple Play) | Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music, UK) (Multiple Play) | New Music Playlist (BBC 6 Music, UK), Hoy Empieza Todo con Marta Echeverría (RNE 3, Spain) (Multiple Play) | Julio Ruiz Disco Grande (RNE 3, Spain) (Multiple Play and live session) | DJ Snake (RNE 3, Spain) | Pete Paphides (Soho Radio, UK) | Rusty Egan (Mi-Soul, UK) (Multiple Play) | Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio, UK)

Regional and web

Bluetown Electronica (Sheppey FM, UK) | Chris Watts (In the Moog, NCCR Radio, UK) | Colin Spencer (Kane FM, UK) | Croydon Radio (Playlisted, UK) |  Dandelion Radio (Multiple Shows) (UK) | Dave Charles (Harborough FM, UK) | DEF Synth (UK) |  DJ Mikey, Strangeways Radio (UK) | Eclectique Radio (Tamworth FM, UK) | Edinburgh Man (podcast) | Electronic (Sine FM, UK) | Electronic Transmissions (Radio Happy & TuneIn, UK) | Graham & Stuart Show (Ship Full of Bombs, Web) (Live Session) | Jackson Cooper, Riviera FM (UK) | Jason Ross, Bound in Music (Croydon FM, UK) | John Montague (Salford FM) | The Johnny Normal Show (Radio Warwickshire, UK) | Karl Philips (Source FM, UK) | Kathy Barham (Quasar Radio, UK) | Kevin Mann The Spread Show (UK) | Made in the UK Show (Podcast, UK) | Neil Francis (Harbrough FM, UK) | Parker Bombshell Radio (UK) | Quasar Radio, The Album Station (UK) | Rob Harvey (Phoenix FM, UK) |  Simon Edwards, Loose Cannon (6 Towns Radio, UK) |  Synthopia (UK) |  The Tall boy on the Radio (Tamworth Radio, UK) | Two Knobs and Oscillator (Phonic FM, UK) | Electro Disco, Uckfield FM (UK) | You the night and the music (Sine FM, UK) | 365 Radio Network, (US, Multiple Stations) | Addictions and other vices (Podcast) | Alice Peters-Burns, NOVUM FM (Germany) Aural Delights | The Amp Session | Artefaktor Radio (Mexico, Multiple Shows) | The Art of Beep, PBS 106.7FM Melbourne (Australia) | Bondi Radio (Australia) | Carol Barrett, CIUT 89.5 FM (Canada) | CWS Radio (France) |  Dead Air, WBGU FM 8811FM (Ohio, US) | Future Static, Free Space  | Happy Oblivion Show, KTHUC (Honolulu, US) | In Club Radio (Peru) |  JammerDirect Radio (US) | John Fryer (US) |  Justincase Radio, Greece (Featured Album plus chat) | Lee Madge, Wolfman Radio (US) | Kool Rock Radio | KOWS 107 | KRCB Radio 91 | Ottic-fm (Germany) | Party Vibe Radio | Qatar Radio (Qatar) | Radio 2 XS (Web) | Radio 98 Eins (Germany) | Radio Alpa (France) | Radio Coolio (Web, Canada) | Radio Rüsselsheimer (DAB, Germany) | Radio World Indie | Radio Xanthi (FM 98.4, Greece) | Razor and Die Show, WLUW (Chicago-FM 88.7, US) | Retroactivity Radio |  Rick 'The Rock' (AM 167, San Antonio, US) | Source FM | Sin FM |  Sinfonia Alternativa, Rádio Cruzeiro (Portugal) | The Sounds in my Head (Podcast) | The Sound of Confusion (Playlist) | Strawberry Tongue Radio (Web, US) | Synthematic | WEATNU OUR Radio (Playlisted, US) | WEMF Radio (Massachusetts, US) | Zone Radio (South Africa) & many more.

Radio Special Appearances

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