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Field Glass


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​Brothers Dan and Jacob Mayfield, aka Field Glass, have worked together for the first time to produce their debut album ‘Kin’. Using a variety of acoustic instruments, such as a Victorian travelling organ and a dulcitone, together with analogue electronics, they composed a series of lush instrumental pieces which were recorded with their friend Mike Collins at Big Jelly Studios, a beautiful deconsecrated chapel in Ramsgate. The sessions took place over two days with many of the tracks recorded live in one take. These single-take performances resulted in spontaneous decision making and improvised arrangements.

Field Glass’s music touches on electronica, shoegaze and ambient, blending instruments and found sounds into short minimalist tracks. Having both founded the School of Noise, a workshop for children and young people exploring music and the science of sound in 2015, they became inspired to rediscover their own excitement for making music and playing with sound.


The album’s artwork was designed by Jason Evans who has previously worked with Four Tet, Radiohead and Caribou. The album was released in May 2022 on limited edition clear vinyl lathe cut LP and on all major digital platforms (now sold out).






"Combines elements of ambient, shoegaze and electronica...lovely"

"A wonderfully sedate suite of electro-acoustic instrumentals" Electricity

"Lashing up gas powered synths to tinkly dulcimers and wheezy Victorian organs to breath life into this glorious debut album" Electronic Sound


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