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The long awaited live favourite 'Exercise Class' by RODNEY CROMWELL has finally been released to the world. 

"A pumped up blast of disco indietronica" Electricity Club

'This brand of retro-futurism sounds so good" Spill Magazine

It's available now on all the major digital platforms c/o Cargo Records UK.

Spotify | Juno Download |
Amazon Music | Apple Music |

It's also available on Bandcamp where we have a limited number of promo CDs available. The CD includes the b-side 'Madeline Trip' along with a pumping remix from Ant-People.

Also over on our YouTube you can stream the video directed by our long-time collaborator and design guru Martin J Langthorne. 



RODNEY CROMWELL has a new release out now, it's an all new re-working of 'Memory Box' by SOLEMN ARCADE (the project of Happy Robots Records in-house designer Martin J Langthorne.)

What does it sound like, well this is what Joyzine wrote:

"It stays true to the spirit of original whilst managing to be inventive and tease out new ideas; explore different sounds and take an already good track and shift it into a glorious alternate dimension"

It's available now on all the major digital platforms c/o Cargo Records UK

Spotify Juno Download |
Amazon Music Apple Music |

It's also available on Bandcamp where we have a limited number of handmade CDRs also available:

DOLLYGRAM TEEN 7 10 22 V3.png



We are thrilled that Hologram Teen (aka Morgane Lhote formerly of Stereolab) has returned to Happy Robots, for a one-off release as the next in our super limited Bots of Delight series. This is Morgane's first full release for us since 2016! The single features two slices of fuzzy playful electronica in the form of 'The Restless Cyclops' and 'Hologram Twang!'.

The single is available on all the major digital platforms distributed by Cargo Records.


Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple | Amazon | Juno 

A very limited number of lathe cut 7" singles on clear vinyl are available now on our Bandcamp, along with a handful of promo CDs.

Sleeve design by Martin J Langthorne.



'Hexentanzplatz' the second album from Alice Hubble is available now in an expanded CD version with three exclusive new songs. The CD is only available from us digitally via our Bandcamp.

The standard version of the album is also out now on LP in stores and on all major digital platforms. Containing nine tracks of electronic loveliness which includes the singles 'My Dear Friend', 'Power Play' and 'Hexentanzplatz'. 

The album is available to buy from our Bandcamp.  Changes in EU tax laws may mean that EU customers may be liable to incur extra import taxes which the buyer will be required to pay. As such EU  friends and customers may prefer to buy the LP from one of the following:

JPC (DE) | MediaMarkt (DE) | Mondadori (IT) | CD-DVD-Vinyl (PL) ExLibris (CH)



One of the favourites from the 'Memory Box’ LP, Rodney Cromwell’s ‘The Winter Palace’ is out now a single on its own right with a new version. It’s on all the major digital platforms to stream or download c/o Cargo Records.





It’s backed with a brand new B-side ‘Rod, Jane and Freddy’ a colourful bouncing krautrock meets hauntology track inspired by the TV show Rainbow.


For those that like a CD we have a limited number available on our Bandcamp. The CD is also the means by which you can hear the wonderful remixes by our friends Gemma Cullingford and Infra Violet.

What the press have been saying:


This is euphoric electronic pop of the highest order”  Backstreet Mafia


"One of those hairs on the back of your neck tracks, as soon as I heard it I fell in love with it" Electronic Cafe

"a wonderful icy closer that is classic Rodders embracing motorik mechanisation within a hypnotic electronic backdrop...Glorious"


"A glorious pure synthpop track" XS Noise



We have a new single out now from Roman Angelos. The track is 'The Aimless Aquanaut (expanded)' which picks up and develops one of the lush ambient breaks featured on his 2022 LP "Music For Underwater Supermarkets". Drawing upon the influence of Steve Reich and kosmische music, bringing the listener into a state of suspended meditation the track is both meditative and reflective, and could as easily soundtrack one of the more contemplative moments in an episode of 'Stranger Things' as well as soundtrack your next visit to a spa retreat.

Also part of the single is the 'Riptide and Rumble' remix by producer / engineer Scott Solter which is a preview of his upcoming full remix album of “Music For Underwater Supermarkets”. Solter weaves in darker ambience, with hints of early industrial, while still maintaining the aquatic feeling of the song, making for something soothing and spine-tingling. Solter’s full remix album “Supermarkets, Underwater” will be available in Spring 2023 on Happy Robots Records.


The single is available on all the major digital platforms distributed by Cargo Records.


Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple | Amazon | Juno 


Thanks to Martin J Langthorne for the sleeve design.



New from the much loved Shanghai / Düsseldorf kosmische combo Mood Taeg is their new album 'Anaphora Versions.'

This album has been a long time coming, so thanks to all of you for the wait. It is released under catalogue number Bot28. Keen Happy Robots fans may have observed that Bot34 came out in January, which gives an indication of how long this has taken us to make happen. Big thanks to the band for their patience. 


The album contains a series of reimagining and remixes of tracks from the 2021 album 'Anaphora'. For this release Mood Taeg have combined their own re-imaginings of album tracks with those by musicians from tdk and Lowell’s hometown of Dundee and K’ko’s hometown of Düsseldorf. In doing so, they continue their approach of being part of a wider collective of artists rather than just a 3-piece band, an approach which allows for fascinating new takes on their music.


The album is released on glass-mastered CD and is distributed via Cargo Records and a few stores seem to be selling it cheaper than we can including one of our very favourite stores Norman Records. 


In addition to the 9 listed tracks, the CD version features two exclusive hidden tracks! There is also a super limited handmade MiniDisc version, available exclusively from our Bandcamp. 

Field Glass - Kin.jpeg


The latest act to join the Happy Robots stable are the lovely Field Glass. Out now on all digital platforms is their brand new album, 'Kin' which they recorded at Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate. The album sits somewhere between electronica, folkadelia and dreampop and was made on an array of weird instruments, including a victorian travelling organ.

If you are a digital listener, please add your favourite tracks to your playlists over on:


SpotifyiTunes | Amazon

As well as the digital release, the album is also available on super limited lathe cut on clear glass vinyl. It's limited to just 30 copies so get in early if you want to grab one 



‘Memory Box’ the new album from Rodney Cromwell is out today on yellow vinyl LP, in stores and all major digital platforms. 12 tracks of haunting vintage-styled electronica, including the singles 'Opus Three’ and ‘Memory Box’. The album was produced with Richard Bennett in his Brooklyn studio and was designed by Martin J Langthorne.   


If you are a digital listener, please add your favourite tracks to your playlists.


SpotifyiTunes | Beatport | Amazon


People have said some nice things about the record already, not least: 


"If you like analogue synths and old drum machines, you'll soon get lost in this amazing album 10/10 '  Stephen Roper, Author of Gary Numan Back Stage


"An essential addition to the collection of any electro-dance and synthpop / synthwave aficionado. Hands-down, this album numbers among the top releases of 2022" The Record Stache


"Encourages us to dance in the face of catastrophe" Louder Than War


"Motorik mechanisation within a hypnotic electronic backdrop...Glorious" Electricity 


"Do yourself a favor and add this one to your collection" Mobile Musician Magazine



'Music for Underwater Supermarkets' - the second album from Roman Angelos is out today on LP, in stores and all major digital platforms. It's 10 tracks of electronic and exotic bliss, including the single 'Swimming Through the Aisles.' Big thanks to all of you that have already purchased the lovely 'aquamarine' coloured LP, - pressed at Deepgrooves, the world's most green pressing plant.


On this new album Roman paints a sonic dreamscape where the mundane act of grocery shopping meets the future. “Music for Underwater Supermarkets” continues and extends his obsession with the library and soundtrack music of the past. This time, he fuses that aesthetic with childhood memories of being pushed around in shopping carts and visiting strip malls. Vibraphones chime alongside woodwinds and vintage synthesizers, creating an immersive sound that feels exotic and smooth.


The album is available to buy from our Bandcamp or the Botshop.


You can also buy from some awesome record stores including:

Norman Records | Rough Trade | Juno | Banquet | WhSmith


If you are outside of the UK, maybe use one of these international stockists:


Fnac (FR) | HMV (JP) | Tower (JP) | Streetlight (USA)


The album is available digitally via Cargo Records and on limited edition aquamarine coloured vinyl

Future Photo (laurance) 300dpi_edited.jpg


On April 12th Happy Robots head honcho Adam Cresswell (known also as Rodney Cromwell) contributed to a Tim’s Listening Party over on Twitter.

If you don’t know what a listening party is, it’s a Twitter event curated by TIM BURGESS of THE CHARLATANS. The deal is, listeners / tweeters all put on the same record at the same time, listen and chat with the artists where they share their innermost secrets about the records


For this party, the soundtrack was the second album by Adam’s old band SALOON ‘If We Meet In The Future’. Released in 2003 and acclaimed by the likes of NME and Pitchfork, it’s also the album that features the song 'Happy Robots'.  Big thanks to Pete Paphides for making this happen.You can follow it again on the Listening Party Replay

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