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Sinosa is known as the the singer and co-writer of celebrated experimental electronic act Fol Chen.  Her debut solo single released by Happy Robots was 'If U Must Dance' is a piece of experimental minimal technopop, a homage at conceptual art in the mainstream. It is a  dance track whose authoritarian voice would rather you not, and music that doesn’t quite let you settle into its grooves. There is a debt to Krautrock in Sinosa’s lyrics and stoic delivery, and the track’s layers of chopped and looped vocals recall Steve Reich’s minimalism, Tibetan chant, and early-1990s new age music.

"If You Must Dance" was the first Happy Robots to get significant daytime national radio play, receiving multiple play on BBC6 Music thanks to being playlisted by Steve Lamacq where it received blanket plays across all shows for a number of weeks in 2018. An expanded version of 'If U Must Dance' was released by Happy Robots in 2019 that featured a remix by celebrity cat, LilBub.